Huh? Oh, hi! I didn’t see you there.  What? Where are we?  Good question.  Well ever since the Kickstarter fell through we were frantically exploring other options in an effort to get this game made in a timely manner.  Finally we decided we needed to get Jobs since no one was piling money at our front door…I checked every day.  PixelFoundry communication has been down due to our contracts with our places of employment. 

If you checked our website we did manage to eek something out about it.  Between you and me, we have made progress with the game on the side albeit much more slowly.  We’ll talk about it in the near future.  Full time jobs will slow you down a bit, especially in this industry. 

So why the communication now?  We have a bit more latitude now due to some recent job changes by our group.  We love this game and have poured years of work into it, we are not going to abandon it.  Hopefully no one is mad but if you are, tough, we need money to live just like you.  Kidding...  Sort of.  I’m extremely gratified that you all have not forgotten about our little game, there’s tons of chaff out there and it’s easy for something like this to get lost in the overgrowth.  Now that were free of a few shackles we can start communicating a bit more.  Hopefully you guys are interested enough to come along on this slow and bumpy ride.

It’s no secret that the disruption brought upon PixelFoundry by the unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign has slowed things down a good deal for us. It’s also understandable that our recent lack of updates might seem out of the ordinary. Since then, we have been reflecting on what we have achieved thus far while figuring out what the future holds for Blackspace. With our timeline in major flux, any “announcement” that is not set immediately in motion would prove to be problematic.

With all that said, we are still dedicated to bringing Blackspace to our fans who have supported and followed us thus far as well as those that have not had the chance to even hear about us. Along those lines, we are working on putting together the “Mechanically Challenged” pre-alpha demo which we had originally promised during our Kickstarter campaign. This has meant that we had to hammer out some of the rough edges (in some cases literally) that did not get featured in our previous media showcases, as well as removing the reliance on dev-only debug functionality that we use on a day-to-day basis. So things like input control assignments along with gamepad support and graphics settings are now properly customizable via the front-end UI. There is still much to expose to the end-user UI however, not to mention that the UI system overall itself is still in need of a decent facelift. The good part about this effort will be that there will be little-to-no lost work that we would not have had to do for the final version anyway.


New Blackspace Game Trailer

Kickstarter didn't meet the goal. Now What?!

We genuinely want to thank everyone that backed this project! It is a huge honor to have so many people on our side to get Blackspace to the market. 

So what happens next?

We will continue working hard on the game! But, the release date will be pushed back a bit. We are hoping to release an early prototype as quick as we can to help fund the project. Hopefully that get the ball rolling and will give us the means to complete the game faster and with more features. We will be posting regular updates here as well as in our Newsletter and our social media.

Thanks again for all your support!

About PixelFoundry

Many exciting and unforeseen features in both gameplay and art spring up during a video game's dev cycle. Due to the momentum of larger game projects, these opportunities are commonly abandoned. We think that small teams, for all their limitations, provide a unique ability to take advantage of this emergent nature of game creation. Which is why so much that is innovative in games comes from small or independent game developers.

After having spent roughly a decade apiece in the games industry, we figured it's time to stop talking about how we would have done things differently and do it. Over time, we will share our progress and hopefully gather feedback from the community. So be sure to keep checking back on how things are going at PixelFoundry.